More films I saw…

Here is a list of movies I have seen recently:

Darkest Hour

I liked this but it was not very original. The acting was good the sets were great. I liked the scene when Churchill was talking to commoners on the subway.

The Disaster Artist

One of the funniest films I seen ever, and the best film about making bad movies ever(yes it beats Tim Burton’s Ed Wood). Little things like James Franco’s character begging people to dance with him or to show his butt on camera makes this work.

The Square

Satire on the art world where everything goes bad for the museum curator. This film is not one big plot but a bunch of little plots, and it works.

The Florida Project

The hyperrealism against a day-glow background brings us to the eyes of children. Misadventures lead to unintended consequences.


First post and random list of some of the great films of 2017.

Ok, so this is my 1st post. I’m going to list the films that came out in 2017 in no particular order, and why they are great. Be aware that I missed out on a lot of world cinema this year due to lack of access, and a lot of films I just haven’t gotten around to see.


This was not accurately billed as a horror film(although it does have disturbing scenes). Very decisive due to religious allegory surrounding a character who seems to represent Mother Nature. It worked for me.

Bladerunner 2049

Some thought this film was visually stunning but overtly long and too unambiguous in comparison to the original Bladerunner. I thought that while this has a more definitive ending than its predecessor. It still surpassed the first movie in terms of making you think ‘what it means to be human?’

Molly’s Game

This was just a joy to watch. There is not a need to overthink this.

The Shape of Water

A good guys and bad guys wrapped in a outsider romance tale. Visually stunning as the filmmakers past work in Pan’s Labyrinth.

I, Tonya

Darkly comical as it is empathetic.

Loving Vincent

Capturing Van Gogh in its depiction of his last days as well as his visual style.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Great ensemble acting in a offbeat dramedy about consequences and forgiveness.

Get Out

Campy horror film with themes of condescending racism.


Very timely story about a friendship between two war vet’s. Who can see past race in Deep South Mississippi in the 1940’s. Hard to watch but important in the age of Roy Moore.

Killing of a Sacred Deer

Pitch-black comedy thriller that dares you to laugh at children crawling on the floor.

A Ghost Story

This is a ghost story from a ghosts point-of-view. Unconventional narrative and deliberate pacing helps this stand out. I kept thinking about this for days after watching this.

Phantom Thread

A love story involving damaged people in a time of class and misogyny in 1950’s England.


The nonlinear structure helps create the suspense of trying to survive in a defeat.

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

About a dysfunctional Jewish family of artists.

The Big Sick

Feel good romantic comedy about two people from different cultures.

Song to Song

Tells a story by using music and snippets of scenes to create a undercurrent of tension between the characters.